Viomi A9 is a rod vacuum cleaner with an output of 23 pa and 000-fold filtration
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Again with a coupon: Viomi A9 stick vacuum cleaner with a power of 23 pa and 000-stage filtering from 5 € on 159 € at our SK partner

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how to attach a stand ?, must it be drilled into the wall?


Yes, it needs to be fixed to the wall.


Does it also include replaceable filters? If so, where can I buy a new one?


The basic package does not include them, but they can be bought on Aliexpress without any problem. There are 2 types of filters that need to be changed – a HEPA filter and another circular one, I don't know the name. On Aliexpress, you can also buy the main nozzle, electric brush and other attachments, extra battery, basically you can buy any part, you can find it all under "viomi a9 accessories". I have this vacuum cleaner at home, I bought it on Ali with 2 batteries in a sale for I think €170 and I've had it for a year, I can't praise it enough, but I already had to change the filters. I replace two batteries, and they still hold their capacity, I haven't noticed any significant drop. On the medium mode, I put the whole apartment and it still remains, on the eco mode it is enough for a couple of vacuumings. I don't even use the strongest one, just for the mattress here and there. I use it daily as the only vacuum cleaner, I don't even need another one. The electric brush is great for mattresses, couches, carpets. And I don't do paid advertising for them, I'm just so excited about him 🙂