Viomi Smart Air Purifier Pro: UV lamp, mosquito killer and coupon price
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The last 5 pieces for a record price of 103 €! Viomi Smart Air Purifier Pro air purifier with UV disinfection

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The coupon is not working.


Now we tried and it still works for us. Are you entering it correctly in the basket?


Hello, please, the coupon no longer works, there won't be another one


Hello, it still works. Did you enter it correctly in the basket?

Adrian K

The seller is hruza des. Complain. Dispuye opened and fuc for a month and he can't even send the second piece. I'm waiting for a refund already


Hello, what is the problem? Send the order number and date. and we will help with the solution.

Adrian K

3249482444805/21 was ordered.

it is in the stage of a full refund, but I would really like a clean one, since the price is about 70e better than what you can find online now. heck, the seller wasn't able to send even the 2nd time, the fact that he didn't communicate is another matter. and when the dispute was opened.

eg tracking no update since May 24.5; ie DHL did not even receive the package from the seller.

Well thank you


Unfortunately, your order did not go through us, it was not ordered using the correct procedure or you ordered through someone else. For future orders, we recommend installing our Chrome extension.

Adrian K

Any chance to expand the addon for Firefox Brave and so on? I made a new one through Chrome – 32946544517; let's see if the seller is happy this time


We can already see this new one. We are not yet planning an extension for other browsers, but we do not rule it out in the future. We are also planning great features in addition to our VIP support 🙂


Good day.
What seller did you buy from?


Hello, the purifier is currently the only seller on DHgate that we refer to in the article. It cannot be bought elsewhere and now there are the last 4 pieces. If they sell out, there won't be any more.