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VoLTE Calls: What is exactly how they work and how to activate them on Xiaomi smartphones?

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Jozef Smiška

I can confirm the functionality on the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite phone and the 4ka operator.


Redmi 8 and even though I have everything activated, I have nothing in the menu about voting!


Great article, thanks


Thank you, it helped .. The VoLTE icon turned out nicely on the Redmi Note 8T


I have Xiaomi MI9T, I activated everything according to the procedure. I have 2 SIM cards (4ka, Orange) on 4ke VoLTE works for me without any problems, but it doesn't work on Orange at all. Can you advise me why?

John Borno.

I have been looking for this guide for a week now and only on your website did I find it really working. Thank you very much 😉


I have a Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC and my problem was that it didn't show me to enable voLTE on those SIM cards. I searched the internet and found that I had to type this as a phone number: * # * # 86583 # * # *. Then it worked for me. I'm also adding a link to youtube:


Thanks Adrian!!!
Io ho uno Xiaomi Mi 11t pro e ha funzionato questo codice che hai scritto tu * # * # 86583 # * # *.
Thanks a lot!!!