Ninebot Max G2: The lowest price on the market thanks to coupons
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Great price 593 with June coupon €: Ninebot Max G2 has a power of up to 1000 W, a speed of 35 km/h and dual suspension

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Price is a little bit off at the moment? I get €660 or $714 with your coupon...


Hi, flash sale ended so the price is high now. But we are sure seller will start flash sale again, check it later.


ok, that makes sense...will wait for new sale price 😉


Onko top speed 35 km/h or 25 km/h. Otsikossa kerrotaan 35 km/h, mutta “parempi osassa performance” kerrotaan 25 km/h?


Hello, you can unlock the scooter for 35 km/h speed in the settings. Standard speed is 25 km/h.


super comfortable scooter, it's just a shame about the poor range... the battery doesn't last anything extra, 15,6ah with a 36v system just doesn't give more than 32km at a weight of approx. 95-100kg, I've tried it, so at a usable speed of 25km/h, I'm already regretting that I went to a similar priced but better Kukirin G2 pro.. which has a proven range of almost 55-60 km in eco mode (I have information from the owner who weighs over 95 kg) and also weighs up to 25 kg (without seat) and therefore you can have it without the mandatory insurance as well like ninebot, like the engwe y600, it also has a much better range of over 50km in real life, I wish I was worried that I didn't find out the real range 🙁 comfort isn't everything.. but if you want a scooter for the city, it's ideal for shopping and for running errands a typical city scooter for shorter distances with excellent comfort, but it set me off more than once and really betrayed the mentioned short range and I was left hanging on the route and had to walk the dogs home, so I recommend always leaving home with a fully charged battery.. watch out for this! but it will probably come from home.. besides, I was always used to the 48v system, and besides, I also have chargers for these coils at home, so in short, about

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Did you order from dh gate? What version of software did the scooter come with? Can it still be locked to a maximum of 35 km/h?
Does changing the region to the US and the possibility of cruise control and other functions work?