Xiaomi Buds 4: New headphones with IP 54 certification and Bluetooth 5.3
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Xiaomi Buds 4 bring HiFi sound quality with maximum comfort. They also promise a perfect ANC

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When I looked at the videos with these headphones, there was no mention of bandwidth anywhere. Even in the settings, that option is not there. I think that also because they are not plugs, they won't have it.


Hi, we think you are mistaking these headphones for others, apparently Redmi Buds 4. Xiaomi Buds 4 are the latest headphones, they were introduced only in China and there are certainly no videos on the Internet yet, so you just need to understand Chinese 🙂


Hello, I watched Chinese videos directly on this model. In the video settings, there was sound attenuation, but there was nothing about transmittance. Maybe I'm loving myself. But look at yt, there are already some videos there. We saw the unboxings directly.