Thanks to this application, you can record calls on your Xiaomi again

Thanks to this application, you can use call recording again on your Xiaomi smartphone

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  1. Jozef writes:

    Thank you for the great instructions.
    I have a redmi note 8 pro and I've already tried x tutorials, and until this one works.

    1. Editorial writes:

      You are welcome. 🙂

  2. Dusan writes:

    It works until the handsfree is used

  3. Libuše writes:

    I tried to install, it doesn't work as it should 🤔 you don't know what it could be? I granted all the necessary permits

  4. M writes:

    I confirm a malfunction with the handsfree kit (I have a Jabra evolve 65)…

  5. bruno writes:

    On my Redmi note Pro Miui 12.o4 loše we shoot the designer as not in the following circuit.
    I don't know if it can be done Premium is the ability to capture Wav, MP3 and other audio features.

  6. eli writes:

    I have redmi note 8 pro global miui version. The app does not work records only me. A very frustrating downgrade foe this device.

  7. Whoah writes:

    However, this application did not work as it did to include a loud voice - it does not qualify such an application. Mi10T. I installed another one from google Play CALL RECORDER and it's okay. Miui Global

  8. Mario writes:

    Likewise, this app just does not work. Not the normal version, not the premium, not on any Android phone I have tried it on. It mostly only records your own voice and poorly at that. Put on a wireless headset and it records nothing at all. Waste of a premium subscription, but did not get my money back, of course. How it has managed to "proliferate" and be mentioned and often recommended in virtually every search result for call recording is impossible to understand. Did the writer actually use the app and successfully record any call? I think not.

  9. TT writes:

    On Redmi note 10 he not only records the other side at all, not only vCube but also Boldbeast Skvalex. It's a Xiaomi thing for euodels from Emu 12.

  10. coats of arms writes:

    Na redmi note 11 pro tylko wysny głos. Pradzuziłem wszystkie pościę pościący, nie działa. It works without problem on redmi note 11 pro 5g.

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