Deerma ZQ610 is a powerful steam cleaner for all surfaces. It has a great price
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At the SK dealer for a great 79 €! Powerful Xiaomi Deerma steam cleaner for all surfaces in the global version for Europe

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  1. Miroslav writes:

    I would like to ask I have it at home, it's great, but the small metal brush has healed and is it possible to buy it separately? Thank you for your response

  2. Marketa writes:

    Good day. When refilling the water, do I have to wait for the appliance to cool down? Or can it be added without problems during washing? Thank you for your response

  3. TT writes:

    Is it possible to clean laminate floors with it, as you write in the article? on the seller's website, in the answers to whether it can damage the floating floor, it is written that it can. where did you find that it is also on such floors?

  4. Lenka writes:

    Hello, I would like to ask if you also use a steam cleaner on laminate floors. well thank you

  5. Dáša writes:

    Coupon does not work can I ask for a new one? well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, we have updated the article with a new coupon on Banggood.

  6. Jiří Mělnický writes:

    I have two years and use it without problems

  7. Jiří Mělnický writes:

    There is no need to wait for it to cool down when topping up the water

  8. TT writes:

    it doesn't work, only the red light is on and water is coming out, there is no steam.

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