Xiaomi with the Fizz brand sells cutters with a steel-carbon blade
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Even an ordinary trimmer can surprise you: This luxurious one from Xiaomi and Fizz has a steel-carbon blade and has a ridiculous price

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  1. Robert writes:

    I was stopped by the CLO, which I had to pay… it's stupid that nothing is paid…. They asked for 2 euros from the post office om. which I also paid… I buy a lot of things through xiaomiplanet a .and I have already paid CLO several times despite the recommendations of this site…. and finally I wrote an opinion and observation… .so I do not know if it pays to buy anything through this site….

    1. Editorial writes:

      It is not a duty, but a postage fee for processing the package. You may not have selected the right shipping, you should select only those called Aliexpress and Cainiao, such as Aliexpress Standard Shipping, Aliexpress Saver Shipping, or Cainiao Super Economy Global. We have a lot of experience with these transports, we always write a real experience, as it turned out for us, we do not try to deceive anyone… and many other readers have the same experience as us. Unfortunately, sometimes you may pay a € 2 fee, especially if you choose China Post Registered or other shipping that is not under the name Aliexpress / Cainiao. Purchasing through our site has no effect on whether or not you pay postage processing fees. We actually order a number of products and describe our experience in the articles, and we always try to write the best tips for the reader, what to do when shopping, which shipping to choose, how to enter coupons, etc. We're sorry you had to pay extra, but we really can't affect it. At least we try to minimize this "risk" with our own experience.

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