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Imilab EC2 FullHD camera with up to 100 days in Czech stock with a new coupon for a great 62 €

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  1. Ondrej writes:

    Hello, I have wanted to use the discount coupon you mention here more, but it only worked for me 2 times, in other cases it is always invalid. Do you renew your coupons sometimes or in general? I don't usually work here or on 🙁

    1. Editorial writes:

      Coupons must be entered correctly in the cart. We always check them before publishing and yes, we regularly update them. We have video instructions for use

  2. Lubomir writes:

    Hi, I bought this camera, now I bought another without a gateway, because it is possible to connect 4 cameras to one gateway. Can you please advise me how to add another camera? Somewhere in the menu I did not find such an option.

    Well thank you

  3. Lubomir writes:

    Hi, I have a problem with IMILAB EC2. I bought 1 camera + gateway, then I bought a separate camera. However, the gateway does not want to connect my second camera…. After installing the first camera, it immediately goes into monitoring and does not ask me to connect another camera (as is the case in most instructions on youtube)
    Can you advise me how to connect another camera?

  4. Denis writes:

    Does it also work with the Yi Home application?

  5. Andrei writes:

    What about VAT on this transport?

    1. Editorial writes:

      We have info from the seller that they should arrange any VAT. However, we have not tried it in the case of this transport. However, we also ordered the camera for a test and we also want to test the transport, so we will let you know how it turned out.

  6. Michal writes:

    The battery can be removed, resp. can I choose the part of the camera that contains a battery to charge? If so, the camera will not work during charging. How long does the battery charge under certain conditions? vdaka, Michal

  7. Good day. I bought this camera, but even the experts in camera systems could not connect to the gateway and thus the pad or the camera, how do I file a complaint or a refund. I'm honestly disappointed that in the 21st century, someone can sell and send a broken, broken thing to a customer !?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, everything is written in the instructions, or try according to this video

  8. Everything was done according to the instructions and instructions on Youtube, it's dead, broken! How do I complain about Xiaomi Imilab EC2, resp. to request a refund of the Euro?

    1. Editorial writes:

      So we're sorry. You need to write to the seller where you bought the camera and send them the video documentation.

  9. Susie Jerkins writes:

    Ordered. It doesn't matter what memory. will I use the card? I read somewhere that it must be SDXC class 10, UHS-U3. But if I bought another one, would it also work fine?
    Or if the camera has a lifetime cloud for free, I need a memory at all. card? I mean use a camera without a card and activate cloud storage. Can be?

    1. Editorial writes:

      It is definitely good to have a microSD card in the camera, for example Class10.

  10. Hello, is it possible to buy a separate gateway?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, unfortunately the gateway itself cannot be bought.

  11. Hello, can you send me instructions, instructions or instructions on how to file a complaint by e-mail?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, you need to contact the seller, explain the problem to them. If you ordered from Banggood, you can contact here

  12. Susie Jerkins writes:

    Camera + gateway came, unfortunately I didn't find my mobile phone when scanning devices, I couldn't connect to the gateway (the yellow light is still flashing, I can't get to the blue one under any circumstances), I restarted the gateway, router, I'm guessing everything, but it just can't be paired . I contacted the seller but nothing yet. Can you help me in any way? Has anyone solved this problem? Didn't this happen to you in the newsroom? If not, then I don't understand it at all, for some it works and for some it doesn't.
    Mobile: Samsung galaxy S9 +

  13. Susie Jerkins writes:

    Problem solved, location tracking must be agreed (permission for the application to use the device's location, permanently) and then the application will find the device. I have no idea how it relates, but it worked for me.
    But I don't like that I was far from able to pair the gateway with wifi as easily as seen in the videos, it was much more complicated…

  14. good writes:

    I am testing the global version of the camera for 2 days. As for the quality of workmanship, the design, everything is ok, good workmanship, nice design. Pairing Mi Home (EU server) - Gateway - The camera was completely problem-free. The camera has AI scanning and PIR with thermal sensing technology, which should very reliably detect objects generated heat, foreigners reliably distinguish people, animals from e.g. leaf movement. Here, however, after 2 days I have to write that the detection is very weak and poorly detects people and leaf movement, I would soon write that the camera does not have any of these technologies. I placed the camera in the gap between the thujas, so in the shot on the right and on the left you can see a little thuja, branches with leaves. With each movement of the leaves, the camera starts recording for 10 seconds, I set the apk to report only human detection. From 7:17 to 15:19, 142 videos of moving twigs were uploaded. 7 times I received a warning about a person's movement, and there was no person in any of the recordings, again only moving branches, leaves. She detected a girlfriend who went to work as an object and not as a human, so she didn't even get a warning. During this recording, I consumed 5% of the battery per day, so I estimate it to last up to 20 days instead of 100 days. What is the AI ​​scann and PIR technology that cannot distinguish a person from moving leaves in the wind. How does thermal detection work, which evaluates a person as an object, moving leaves as a person ??? I have already written to the manufacturer Imilab, we will see what depreciation.

  15. Susie Jerkins writes:


    I unequivocally agree. I have it and use it for about 5-6 days and I also noticed that thermal detection does not work, it also records videos of a moving tree around me, my wife walks in front of the camera and also tells me that she saw the movement of the object…
    Furthermore, I miss that it is not possible to set in the application that in the current viewing angle of the camera I would be able to mark the places where I want the camera to follow the movement. Mine is set for one third on the street, otherwise it was impossible, and when someone in front of the house on the road walks on a car, bicycle, on foot, the camera turns on and I have about 150 videos a day.
    Playing recorded videos is very impractical for me, the player is so simple (it would like something like a Youtube player).
    The camera itself would also be a great product if it did not have such stupid flaws.

  16. Michal writes:

    Good day,
    Coupon for 1 x camera + gateway no longer works…
    Do you have any others?
    Well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, we are looking for a new coupon.

  17. Peter writes:

    The coupon works, but after ordering I will write that they do not manage to produce and therefore they will send it sometime next time… 😏

  18. Dušan writes:

    So it's like a disposable camera? Can't charge then? So it's a scrap for that money. Or am I wrong and the camera is charging? well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Of course it can be charged. It has a built-in battery with a life of about 100 days, then it is charged.

  19. Peter writes:

    Will it also capture the movement of animals?

  20. Susie Jerkins writes:

    Yes, catch, cats used to me the night in front of the house.

  21. franti writes:

    the motion detector has a large delay. it is normal

  22. Susie Jerkins writes:

    Unfortunately, this is normal with this camera. If I run in front of her, she may not even catch me. And even if it starts recording due to my movement, I'm no longer in the field of view of the camera…

  23. Andrei writes:

    Please, I ordered this camera, everything works as it should, except for one thing… when watching live cam over WiFi, so no problem. As soon as I want to watch live Cam via mobile data, so when I'm away from home, it doesn't work and throws out the error message "couldn't open camera - error code (48 or 8888) try again later"… Has anyone encountered this?

  24. Robert writes:

    Coupon unusable, did it work at all?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, the sales on BG are over and with them the coupons. We will try to equip a new one on Monday.

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