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Xiaomi Imilab N2 rugged camera gets a new coupon: FullHD, 270 ° rotation and cloud recording

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  1. Peter Kurocka writes:

    Just whether it's the EU or CN version.? ?

  2. Vlado writes:

    I wonder if it can be connected to the rtsp or mjpeg stream of this camera, or is the video only available via the app? It is not written anywhere.

  3. brands writes:

    I ordered it at the end of 01/2020. today is 26/4/2020 with EU Priority Line and still not delivered to me. GLS refuses to talk to me about having to deal with a sender who has been telling me for 3 months to wait a week and then I'll deal with it… ..

  4. Gabko writes:

    It is definitely a CN version. I already have 2 pcs at home.
    Like Marek, I ordered another 2 pieces in January and they haven't delivered much to this day.
    I'm in no hurry, it's true that I have money in it, but I hope to send it to me.

  5. Adam writes:

    The camera does not attack PoE as written in the article. I counted on it but I was disappointed

  6. Jan writes:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to break the RTSP? What port, path? Does the camera support it at all?

    Because cloud storage doesn't work (you can't order a Chinese cloud), NAS storage doesn't work (it finds a NAS, but it can't log in), so then only the internal SD card remains, which is not a very suitable storage.

  7. František writes:

    for connection via POE helps / Mikrotik RBPOE, PoE slitter /

    Connect to the camera and then only the network cable

  8. Robert writes:

    How to drink it, can you advise what exactly needs to be ordered and how to connect it…?

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