Xiaomi Jimmy JV85 Pro is the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner in the world
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Great price again, only 199 € in EU stock! The best-selling stick vacuum cleaner JIMMY JV85 Pro with a power of 25 Pa

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Currently, there is only a pre-order option on the geekbuing page, which probably won't happen until Christmas, will it?


Hello, could you arrange a coupon for the JV85 or JV83? e.g. on banggode or somewhere else? Thank you very much


Good day,
Would the battery for the jv85 not be in action?


I like your site, but it should be put into perspective that the latest Dyson is 2-3 classes higher quality and more powerful device, and it is also a Japanese original. Xiaomi is a Chinese copy. But no problem, for the money it's ok. Excellent price/performance ratio. But not the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner. 🙂 and by no means better than Dyson.


I would like to know since when the UK manufacturer Dyson has been making Japanese originals.

Doctor from the mountains

The sakrble mondie has been ordered for two weeks and it hasn't even been shipped yet. geekbying is a file of eewbuying


the weight is surely 4 kg? What I watched for example: https://xiaomiplanet.sk/dreame-t20-34/

so it's almost 3 times harder??


Does anyone have experience with a vacuum cleaner? Any comparison with any other?
And also what is the difference between the normal and the mopping version? Somehow I couldn't find any label.
Or the difference is understandable, rather if the mopping one is better, how it works or if it is better to go for the classic.


Hello, I have this vacuum cleaner. I use it daily for classic vacuuming of the house, but when I want to vacuum more deeply, I take the big Kärcher. Anyway, it's enough for vacuuming. I vacuum on the middle process, I don't use the strongest one, because it runs out quickly (I vacuum the house twice on the middle process and that's how much it runs out). I think I also have a love for mops, I've got it. But... it's just an attachment into which water is poured and connected to the back (for me, useless and wasted money)


H10 Pro or Flex doesn't have wireless charging though? It seems to me an obvious disadvantage compared to the JV85 Pro. Is there anything better up to about €300 than the JV85? Why does it have wireless charging (via a stand)?


Good day.
Would there be a current coupon, please? Thank you.


Hello, I ordered this vacuum cleaner with your coupon, it comes with a free mop holder. Unfortunately, I only received the hose and not the vacuum cleaner... The DPD service commented that only one package was sent and I should contact the sender. Can you help me with that? well thank you



is it possible to order a separate metal rod? It was damaged and is no longer available on the official website.

Well thank you