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We know the official selling price of Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro: Compared to Mi 10 Pro cheaper by € 300

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XIAOMI totally disappointed me, two Mi 9 both have the same problem after half a year of use - the Google window pops up and the application crashes - a hardware problem that you cannot remove. I don't start the Viomi V2 vacuum cleaner through the app anymore because after a minute it turns off for nothing. No thanks, I don't want to see xiaomi products anymore, but I still don't hate Android - one plus 7 T pro, last year's model, although it costs more € but oxygen os is top, I compared it with Mi 10 and Mi 10 note... Xiaomi is a dinosaur slowed down, I recommend you compare it so you understand what I'm talking about. I'm sorry, but xiaomi flew up, then fell back down.