Xiaomi Mi AIoT Router AX6000 is the most powerful Wi-Fi 6 router
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Is it possible to connect such a router to ADSL or VDSL? If not, then what to buy so that it can also be used on a telephone line. Thank you for your reply and understanding 🙂


You connect it to everything that has ethernet. It is questionable whether it makes sense to connect it to such slow technologies only for intramet and its speed.


You will need an ADSL / VDSL modem which you put between the connection and the wifi router.


The AX3600 version has a worse signal than the AX1800. I don't understand how that's possible, but it's true. I wonder if this AX6000 will do better


Hello, I think the most powerful is not from them. As far as I know, the Mi AX9000 is the most powerful model or am I wrong?


Yes, you are right, after the new one it is AX9000, now we look at the fact that it is already on sale, but it has not been on offer yet.


I tested it and the signal and speed are very decent, the crack is the merging of bands and it's completely hiding the net


is it a global version? what does the interface have in english?


Ax6000 is not yet sold in a global version. We directly state this in the article: The router is currently only available in the Chinese version, which means the administration interface in the Chinese language. However, the mobile application is in English and you can completely configure the router via the app.


good day, I have a 6000 from you more than a year ago, but the performance (strength) and signal range is much weaker compared to the router I had before. I had a signal in front of and behind the panel and now nothing. I need to get a signal to the basement (wifi camera birds in the nests 🙂 🙂 and so on) I heard about the software for Europe that the 6000s go with weaker power, that they go full power only with Chinese software. would it be possible to somehow get the Chinese software and reinstall it??? otherwise the 6000 is useless to me and I can get rid of it - HELPMEEE, HELPMEEE


Hello, yes the Chinese fw version has a stronger broadcast power enabled. But the AX6000 is not made in the European version, there is only the Chinese version, do you happen to have an older AX3600? These routers look the same, but the AX6000 is better at least in transmission power.