Xiaomi Mi Box S: 4K movies, Netflix and Chromecast. We have coupons
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The latest coupon in the EU stock: Xiaomi Mi Box S with Android TV, support for 4K movies, Netflix and Chromecast

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HBO Go also works on this device. I have a subscription with HBO, but I can't really use it on the XGIMI H1 projector. If it manages to break through the downloaded apk, then it only works until the projector is turned off, and then it only writes an error that the movie cannot be played due to unverified DRM (old Google play services). So I wonder if it would run with this product.

Denis Šust

But it probably doesn't have USB support? ?

Admin of Xiaomi Planet

Yes it has, the USB connector is on the back, it can easily take out an external HDD or other USB peripherals.


Good evening coupon and sale has ended, will such a coupon still be available? Well thank you.


according to the photos from the evaluation, the EU power supply does not have an end. There is nothing in the description for sure. Don't you have anything closer to that?


Hello, I ran out today and everything is ok, it's really with the EU ending.


good evening. currently, the seller provides the information: "Sorry,this item is sold out". Don't know when the item will be available?


Don't know if the item will be available again ??? As Marek wrote above, there is info: "Sorry - this item is sold out".


invalid coupon ..
It will still be available as you notify the product (article from 26.8.2020)?.?

Lenka Valová

Hello, I met the product XIAOMI MI TV BOX several times, while somewhere it had only S and somewhere S EU. Can you tell me what the difference is? Is it a European suffix or are there other parameters in it?
Well thank you.


good day.I want to order my box S but I have an old TV about 10 years Orava. will it work for me? thank you for the answer


ordered, thanks for code… 43.41Eur

Kristian Suchanovsky

Hello, DHgate votes out of coupons at coupon DHS1103. Will it be updated or new? Well thank you


Hello, I want to ask how much the business is verified. Has anyone arrived at the box, who ordered it from there? Thanks for the info.


Hello, I have this box at home through your coupon, youtube at 4k incredibly chops, a few seconds jams, I have connected via wifi 5g - 300Mbps… does not catch up? while i am writing 4K a. and another question..can connect this box to my magir remote box from LG? .. so i can control it with it? well thank you


Hi, I have this box and youtube doesn't bother me at all and in fact everything works without problems. I restart it once every 3 days, that's it.


This is where Sia Xiaomi can push him to the top. The soundbar regularly disconnects me after a few minutes. I thought it was a device, but from what I've read, a lot of people have it and there's practically nothing you can do about it. Good news that Xiaomi Mi TV Stick doesn't do it, so I hope to arrive soon for a 4k coupon 🙂


The MiBox 4S also sometimes fooles me when playing TV via the app but also Youtube (less). I also have a Mi TV stick, which plays much more reliably.

We don't know

Hi, the link no longer works, could you throw in a new one?
Well thank you.

We don't know

Thank you for the quick info.
I'm trying to get him as cheaply as possible.
The current one left me and ended up on the boot loop after updates…

We don't know

Thank you, you are great!