Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 has a special Smart Charging feature that slows down battery aging - Xiaomi Planet

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 has a special Smart Charging function, which slows down the aging of the battery

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Pythro de

How do you like this battery charging solution? I do not like. Some determination of charging on the base. habits, settings made (alarm clock) or night / day is awesome, but the error is MANUAL, once again MANUAL setting.
Just like a SLR: there is a car to focus on, a car to illuminate, a car on time, but there are also MANUAL modes.

Here I would welcome in addition to AI AUTOmatics as follows:
(I'm not condemning AUTOMATIC either, it can be a great thing after "practicing", but the MANUAL setting is wrong), e.g.

– selection of the charging process, e.g. 2,5W-5W-10W-12W-18W-25W-33W-50W-65W-100W-120W-200W (of course only when the smartphone allows it, e.g. Redmi Note 10 Pro would end at 33W, the charger must be capable of that as well)

- eventually select the maximum charging current for 5V (that current would not be exceeded during the entire charging curve, possibly it could only be smaller in the starting and running-out part of the charging curve, so it would be the maximum possible charging current), e.g. max. 300mA-500mA-750mA-1000mA-1500mA-2000mA-2400mA-3000mA
(these things are taken care of by modern fast charging protocols such as quick charge or usb power delivery, where it is lubricated completely automatically, voltage eg after 20 mV steps for usb power delivery up to 20V and current up to 5A, so it gives 100W , but you should also be able to choose for yourself, that's why it's called MANUAL mode)

- as an essential basis, I consider the possibility to set the flashlight to charge only to a certain number of%, e.g. only to 90-85-80%, simply ALWAYS after reaching e.g. 85% of the charge will stop charging SAME and end even if the phone is on the charger and it stays at 85%… as I really do not understand why it is not in smartphones for at least 5 years as a build-in feature in the system settings

– overall, globally, this AI AUTOMATIC could be supplemented by a second dumb (“stupid”) hard mode, e.g. in style: between 22:00-06:00 charge only with 5W, otherwise 25W