Xiaomi MIX 4: Invisible camera and best prices on the market
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Special prices: Xiaomi MIX 4 in 8 + 256 GB version for a record 577 €! A smartphone with an invisible front camera

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  1. Pythro de writes:

    A) I really don't understand why all (even foreign) portals dedicated to smarfon or already specifications or benchmarks (gsmarena, kimovil…) sit on that antut; bag from 2019 it has it for some reason from the goggle ban (don't show it in the search in the gullet) and you can install it only from the APK package that you have to download from the antutu page and load it into your mobile phone (APK is masked ZIP, everyone The ZIP on this planet has the first 4 bytes P, K, heart, diamond in ASCII, or hexadecimal 50, 4B, 03, 04… yes, so we find out that docx, xlxs, pptx are also masked ZIP full XML -iek)… I turned it down

    B) "according to the manufacturer, this processor scores up to 830 000 points in AnTuT"… sure? so far I have been in that the antutu, in addition to SoC (CPU and iGPU) also tests the battery, RAM, flash storage, etc.… just a mobile phone as a whole), the CPU score is about 1/4 of it

    C) and otherwise MI MIX 4… disappointment, from my preferred things it has a small minority and at the same time so many hymns

  2. peter1135 writes:

    about so and the overpriced fon is definitely… 850eciek for 256gb version when 2 classes better ultra on TS costs 727eur lol what does that mean? for that price not for sale… 2k display is not included in the price? lol -to already have at least LTPO technology,, about 500mAh weak battery? lol main photo and wide of basic mi11? what a f ..? where did comrades from ndr make a mistake? I'll buy it straight for me11 and I have almost the same thing only with notch .. and 300eur less approx

  3. Jani writes:

    Hello, I want to ask if I buy a Chinese version of the xiaomi mi mix 4 model, I unlock the bootloader and MIUI.cz is installed.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, yes of course.

  4. Roman writes:

    Hello, I want to ask on the shenzen trading page it is written that with Xiaomi.eu ROM there is "Manuel update" that means that the OTA update will not work, or that the update will be installed by Manuel?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, yes, you can only update manually via PC and the fastboot command.

  5. brands writes:

    Good day.

    Can you please explain in simplicity why the 50Mpix main camera in Xiaomi 11 is better than the 108Mpix in Mi mix 4?


    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, this is not the MPx, but the physical parameters of the sensors - that is, the size of the sensor itself, the aperture, the size of the pixels and other parameters - these are the top 50 MPx sensor in the Mi 11 Pro.

  6. Roman writes:

    I am facing MI MIX4 decision paralysis, I have been looking for an upgrade for my current MIX 2, which has lived for more than 4 years. Since I am in the price level around 600 €, the interesting choices for me are:

    MIX 4:
    + design
    + absence of camera view
    + square display without round corners
    - relatively outdated 108MPx sensor
    - lower front camera quality
    - only manual firmware update

    MI 11 Pro:
    + GN2 sensor
    - round edges of the display which are disturbing
    - not as impressive in design as MIX 4

    MI 12X:
    + round edges of the display not as pronounced as in series 11
    + Sony IMX766 sensor
    + more beautiful design than the 11 series but not as nice as the MIX4
    + Snapdragon 870 is for me one of the most ideal processors without problems with overheating and sufficient performance
    - absence of wireless charging
    - not yet available with Xiaomi.EU ROM or Global

    MI 12
    + compared to 12X also wireless charging
    - higher price
    - not yet available with Xiaomi.EU ROM or Global
    - Snapdragon 8 gen 1 (although it is not necessarily a minus but 870 is a more ideal chipset for my needs)

    In order to reveal what doesn't suit me on MIX 2, it's mainly the quality of photos that are very bad, and even then they were rather below average, so I'm a little afraid that I would not make the same mistake with MIX 4, on the other hand I do not know as I would get used to cutting out the front camera.

    If you could help me out of this paralysis with some insights or other tips from Xiaomi smartphones, I would be grateful.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hi, for us definitely Mi 11 Pro, there is nothing to think about. In our opinion, this is the best Xiaomi phone for the whole of last year 2021. MIX 4 does not have a bad camera, but the sensor in the Mi 11 Pro is even better, 50 MPx photos are enough. In addition, the front camera in MIX 4 is totally unusable, the quality is lousy. Fortunately, we don't take a lot of selfie photos, so we enjoy a beautiful undisturbed display, but for some it can be a big minus. All phones with Xiaomi.EU ROM now have a manual firmware update, but this is no problem, just download one .zip file via PC, restart the phone in fastboot mode, connect the phone to the PC and run one program on the PC that automatically updates the phone . After the update, the phone will restart to the new system.

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