Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera Pro: 2K video, advanced features and great price
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The European version of the smart camera Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera Pro with 2K video after many months again with a coupon

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  1. Zdenko writes:

    Hello: don't you happen to have a new coupon? please

    1. Editorial writes:

      We have, use this: BG12Mijia1296P

  2. Michal writes:

    Hello, no new coupon available?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, we currently have a coupon only for HK warehouse with a price of 39,16 €. Here is the coupon: BGXMCMPR

  3. Lucia writes:

    my coupon doesn't work

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, this one still works: DHBFCM8OFF

  4. brands writes:

    Good day.

    Have any of you really tried this Mesh bluetooth gateway camera? For this reason, this camera does not want to work as a gateway for me. At the same time, I also have a Xiaomi gateway 3, to which all Mesh bluetooth devices are connected, none for this camera.

  5. kexo writes:

    Well, I would also take this model because it works in the MiHome application, but... I still haven't received the 2 previously sent models that you posted here from Gshopper. Ordered almost the same, I have seen one in transit for more than a week via the Slovak Post application portal, but the shipping number does not match any of the orders, and on top of that, there is also some strange address with a foreign name listed in the addressee. And I had to pay extra at the post office for almost everything previously sent from Gshopper.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, strange, we receive packages through Gshopper without extra charges. Try asking them for a refund.

  6. kexo writes:

    That might be worth considering, but at the moment I'll be happy to finish the already started process with them regarding the delivery of the last orders.

    1. Editorial writes:

      We trust that they will arrive in good order. Delivery from Chinese warehouses now takes about a month. If there is a problem, please contact us with the order numbers and if you bought through us, we will help with the solution.

  7. kexo writes:

    Sure, thanks. Since I haven't had any negative feedback yet, maybe it will happen. Maybe I'm just checking the facts based on what I described to them and sent the screenshots.

  8. kexo writes:

    Just for information... One camera arrived, again for a 2 euro surcharge and after such a long time that if I went to the store to pick it up, I would turn around sooner. The second camera also arrived, but not to me anymore, but somewhere in Hungary, from where the seller took it back and now wants to refund it to me, although I don't agree with that. They will refund my money and I have to order the camera somewhere else. I insist on a new delivery, but somehow they stopped communicating, so I'm still without the camera and money. That's all about Gshopper. I wouldn't buy anything through them again, even if there was a coupon for free products from them.

  9. kexo writes:

    They refunded the amount I paid in the end. Against my will. Without a coupon, however, I have no chance of buying it again for the money back.

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