Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock with Coupon: More than just an ordinary clock
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Special price at our SK partner: Popular European smart watch Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock

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  1. Roman writes:

    Pfuu. Such a discount from 49.90 to 48 € is not seen so often! We thank you!

    1. Editorial writes:

      Unfortunately, ŠK dealers are unable to give coupons like China. We are glad that we managed to arrange something at all and you could be too. We don't force you to buy, on the contrary, we just try to bring benefits, but there is still someone to complain

  2. Imrich writes:

    Fñuk, someone is still complaining 🙁

  3. Michal writes:

    about 10 euros you can buy the original from google: Google Nest HUB which has 7 "display so this Chinese replacement will not pay much maybe for 25-30 euros

  4. Roman writes:

    37CZK? I do not see such a price: /

    1. Editorial writes:

      Eur, of course.

  5. Mr writes:

    does anyone know if it can be used as a hub for Mi Home?

  6. kexo writes:

    Probably not, it's not even possible to add it to the MiHome app, whether it's official or modified by Vevs. Really sad. I like the Xiaomi brand, but this embarrassing policy of theirs not one bit.

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