Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 has a 120" image and perfect prices with coupons
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Record price 330 € with an exclusive coupon! The global version of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 has a 120-inch image and FullHD resolution

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Are they kidding with that price? No proper upgrade and instead of 340-390 price 599 ???


Well, I honestly wonder what the difference is between him and the original. Because I have the original one and this one is the same in terms of parameters, except for a slightly higher luminosity.


I have the opportunity to compare the two generations of the projector side by side and unfortunately I have to say that the Xiaomi Smart Projector 2 has a slightly less bright image and lacks fine details in the image. If anyone is interested, I made a video here, where there is a comparison.

It was great for me and I stay with the first generation, which has a picture in super quality, despite the fact that the projector blurs during the first 15 minutes until it warms up. This problem is solved in the new model 2.

Great disappointment. I see it as an effort by Xiaomi to make a difference between this projector and the PRO version.
Furthermore, the sound of the processor is a bit annoying, like from an old 486 box computer. Otherwise, the projector will be fine, and if you don't have a direct comparison, you will be satisfied. And thanks to the xiaomi planets, thanks to the vouchers, he saved a lot of money here.


Thanks for the info 😉 as a matter of fact 🙂


Good day, would it be possible to arrange a newer coupon?


Hello, there are currently no coupons available.