Xiaomi Mi TV 4S Review: 43 "4K smart Android TV for little money

[REVIEW] Xiaomi Mi TV 4S is a top 43 ″ 4K smart Android TV for little money that really pays off

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  1. Jano writes:

    How long is the warranty and what is the procedure in case of a complaint?

    1. Editorial writes:

      The warranty is valid for 1 year, it is claimed directly through the seller.

  2. Vlado writes:

    Dynamic response: 8 ms. What's top of that ???

  3. LeeJ writes:

    I have just bought this TV from A Spanish provider and delivered to the UK. However, the Google App store does not have BBC IPlayer or NowTV. I assume the App Store has been installed from a different geographical location - how do I change it to the UK?

    1. Editorial writes:

      It is not the GEO problem, but Android TV system does not support all apps as usual Android phone. Try to download the .apk file for those apps and install with USB to the TV.

  4. Radoslav Viola writes:

    Hello, could you please advise me how I can set the web search among favorites or. most visited applications?
    I can't connect to the web.
    How should I proceed?
    Other functions work
    (YouTube, Netflix, etc.).
    well thank you

  5. Roman writes:

    Hello, I did not find anywhere what system the TV uses to mount on the wall has the support of the VESA standard or you need to buy an extension thank you

  6. Petr writes:


    It bothers me that there are hundreds of reviews of this product singing superlatives, but nowhere does anyone pay attention to the main function that every television should fulfill. This is television broadcasting. It's nice that the features of Android TV are being praised. But I can buy you for 1.500 CZK for every television such as Xiaomi Mi TV Box and I get practically the same. These reviews should focus more on picture quality, sound and also the possibility of tuning TV programs, managing their list, etc.… Or do you want to tell me that this is not a TV, but just a slightly larger tablet? So a display with Android that can't do anything else?

    Thank you

  7. Filip writes:

    I have this TV and it's a disaster in terms of image viewing angles disaster and the image is either very light or dark… .. The motion smooth feature is one big disaster…. So can anyone advise me how to set the colors of the constellation and the like, because I don't have a good picture either

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