Xiaomi Mi TV Box S 2nd Gen is an improved version of the popular TV box
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Great price 46 € in EU stock: Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen has 4K, a more powerful processor and the Google TV system

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The code is probably no longer valid. Aliexpress reports: "We don't recognize this promo code. Have another try.”


They probably turned it off by then. He was still working yesterday.


does chrome work without problems? dik


Chrome is not optimized for Android TV / Google TV, it cannot be downloaded.


Quite fine, I just don't know why they keep putting only 8GB of storage there, it's desperately small.


Any comparison with Meecool, for example? I quite trust Xiaomi, but Meecool has better connectivity.


We haven't had the chance to test Mecool boxes yet. Those models with Android TV and official certification from Google can be nice.


I agree. I would have recommended it to parents, but 8GB is completely unusable. You install a few applications, some cache is saved, and the system is at an end....


Do not buy! Since we've had it, only problems. Even updates didn't help. Total disappointment from xiaomi.


Xiaomi could be smart and put at least 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM in the second generation. Perhaps the third generation.. 😏

Peter Pan

at least 4/32gb I don't even look at the base below this value and just cut it off.. it can be certified as much as it wants..

Peter Pan

so at the moment this xiaomi is the cheapest certified TV Box.. so far this primate had this Tanix KP1 for a short time https://chinaplanet.sk/tanix-kp1/ the question is what is the better choice? what would you like to do in the category under 50 euros?

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Since Xiaomi is a more proven brand, probably until the Mi Box S 2nd Gen. Tanix is ​​less well known, but certification from Google should ensure regular updates.

Peter Pan

otherwise, you can also buy a 45K certified box from the Slovak company AB Com for approx. 4e, we already have this dongle on one TV at home and it is clearly visible that when it is properly and well tuned, it also has 2gb / 8gb.. multimedia-center .heureka.sk/homatics-dongle-r/#specifikacia/

Darth Vader

8gb is a misery for today... and the absence of LAN when streaming larger files than 5gb, for example. via kodi it signs very unusable for 4k in reasonable quality... well, at least for me and I have optics and a decent wifi router.


The RJ45 connector can be used for this box by reducing it from USB.


Well, even here in the discussion recommended boxes, all of them have ATV (Google TV) max 11. At the same time, 12 is already some Friday...


Thank you - Aliexpress coupon (today) worked.

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For a little bit 🙂