Xiaomi Mi TV Stick vs. Mi TV Box S: Which is Better?
Product Comparison

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick vs. Mi TV Box S: Which is Better? Comparison of performance, functions and price

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  1. Viktor writes:

    When Mi Box S gives you an H.265 codec error

  2. Walker writes:

    Well, a lot of general reviews and comparisons
    I would have these "questions":
    - I bought a Xiaomi Mi TV Stick and I'm quite satisfied, but what I really miss is the ability to install Google Chrome and watch TV, which I have from my provider
    - No proper web browser is available for him. That's why I had a bit of a problem putting Kodi into operation, which is why I bought the device
    - I'm thinking now about the Xiaomi Mi Tv Box S and I have a question if there is a possibility to install Google Chrome, and what is better for this device
    - information about the Android version also differs, Android 8.0 is written somewhere. Oreo and elsewhere Android 6.0 Marshmallow, here even 9 (if the updates work, I understand)
    - I'm mainly interested in installing the Kodi application, I have it in Xiaomi Mi TV Stick and it works according to my ideas. Another condition is the mentioned Google Chrome
    - Playing games you think I assume the ones available on Google play, right? I don't believe in these devices in large quantities, even if Chrome isn't for Stick
    - Can both a classic and a wireless keyboard be connected to USB (TV Box S)? And can a hub be used to use both the keyboard and the mouse?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Good day,
      - Chrome can be installed via the Aptoide app. But don't expect miracles, these devices do not have much performance and the browser is quite a problem
      - Mi Box S has regular updates, the latest version is Android 9
      - Kodi works without problems on both devices
      - Games are limited, only those from GPlay can be downloaded and again, these boxes have no performance to play
      - Mi Box S also supports keyboard / mouse connection via USB, the hub should also work.

  3. Walker writes:

    Thank you very much for the quick response, she decided to buy the Box.

    1. Editorial writes:

      You are welcome. 🙂

  4. Walker writes:

    Unfortunately, I didn't find either Aptoide or Apptoide on the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.

    1. Editorial writes:

      It's not on Google Play, you need to download it from an external source and install it via the apk.

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