Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router AC2100: Powerful router at an affordable price

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Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router AC2100 with optimization for online gaming has become cheaper at a record 33 €. Duty free shipping for a small fee

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Is the interface set in ENG or just Chinese?


Good day
Does anyone know if this router would work on ANTIQUE?


Is this router with a European socket plugged in or does it need to buy a reduction?


So if I read correctly from the comments and questions on banggood, you can't change the language or install the English firmware.
So I'll probably wait for a global / international version if they plan something like that.
Otherwise, I think it's a pretty important thing (at least for me) and there's no mention of it in your article.


is europsky charger the same?


Router ordered 12.4. from CZ warehouse. Today 21.4. still in transit and currently in Regensburg, Germany. Fast delivery as it should be.


I ordered this router. First of all, I want to emphasize that this is not a router. It's just like an extender that needs to be connected to a router to create two more wireless networks. The router came without adapter reduction. It doesn't have a European adapter, thank God I had a reduction, but I'm still unhappy that they sent it to me like this.
Regarding MI wifi applications. At first it didn't work, it kept falling, but I found a way to get into it and it has a lot of features there. But even so, in terms of voting like a router and not a router, it's not God knows what. DSL cannot be connected to this. It only has WPN entry.
I do not recommend this product and I personally ordered it from bangood, and I also do not recommend this site! I would never order anything from her again.


They sent me the wrong one. They haven't written me what to do yet.


Is it now (28.7. GEEkbuying) to the eu plag, if not how to order?


Tazke is actually an Access Point and not a router? Because if it has only 1 ethernet port, it will probably be a difficult router.


Well, of course it's just an extender ujem I love articles where I write about the router and one lan port 😀


It's not just an extender, it's a router. How did you find out that it was an extender?