Xiaomi Mi Portable Vacuum Cleaner has an output of up to 13 pa and a coupon
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We have equipped an even better coupon: Xiaomi Mi Portable Vacuum Cleaner in the most powerful version with a pull of up to 13 pa

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Hey, Can you get us a new coupon for this? I missed my chance to get it 🙁 or something similar?


Hello, we are sorry, it is already sold out.


Do you have a link and coupon for the Chinese version? Thanks


We currently do not have a link to a reliable seller. Na Ali is, but absurdly overpriced, around 60 € + expensive postage.


Well thank you. No problem, I will continue to monitor availability and price.


Does the EU version you mentioned also have 2 power levels?? I ordered it through you, it arrived today, but in any case, I only have one power level "yet" and the device turns off when I press it a second time.. I hope that it will work after charging they weren't thrown away loowe…


Hello, where can I buy the Chinese version? Or a coupon. thanks Petr


Hello, there is a whole article about it, and the biggest element in the article is the price box, where there is a link and a coupon for the product. https://xiaomiplanet.sk/c-aliexpress2-0-0/xiaomi-mijia-handy-vacuum-cleaner


Jojo understands, but the next line the gentleman complains that it's probably not the Chinese version.


The gentleman above you added a comment a year ago, when we also had the EU version in the article. We have it broken down in the price box, it is clearly visible there that it is a Chinese version with a power of 13000 pa.


After using the coupon, it says: This coupon code is for single use only and can't be used here
Any tip?


Hello, the coupon is no longer valid since January 26th, all Ali coupons have expired and we don't have new ones at the moment.


Hello, the current discount code AEDF29 cannot be used at the time of purchase. Please is there a newer one or am I doing something wrong? I enter the code in "promo code" before paying. well thank you


Hello, Ali coupons have already expired.