Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro has 4000 Pa and 3D navigation
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Great coupon with a price of €228 in the EU warehouse! Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Mop Pro robot with a suction force of 4000 Pa and 3D ToF navigation

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  1. Moni writes:

    Ordered, I wonder what it will be 😊

  2. Moni writes:

    I have a problem that wppka throws me Network timeout… It works for a while and then again, especially when setting the map, etc. I have a good router and the vacuum cleaner is right next to it. Not sure how I can solve the problem?

  3. Dan writes:

    Why such a high price when it costs up to 250 e elsewhere?

    1. Editorial writes:

      This is a completely different model of vacuum cleaner. This is not even sold on SK / CZ yet. We have the model you mentioned with a coupon for 189 € https://xiaomiplanet.sk/xiaomi-mi-robot-vacuum-2-kupon-54/

  4. Martin writes:

    hello, how satisfied are you after such a time of use?

  5. Moni writes:

    Hi, not bad though for a long time there was a problem with the application. After the upgrade, it's much better, but I probably had very high expectations. I think you could buy a cheaper version. I would sum up the moping so that it's nice to keep the floor dust-free, but if something happens to dry up and dry out, the mop can't clean it, because it goes through it classically and continues on, it's not checked.

    Abstinence from English or cz / sk is also a pity, so I have it sound off.

    I am bothered by the height of the vacuum cleaner, because it does not always fully estimate the possibility of where it will fit. Several times he stumbled under my chest of drawers or the bed where he pushed with force and thus rubbed the top of the vacuum cleaner.

    Before that I had an irobot for about 7 years and I definitely see a lot of progress in terms of technology…

    Personally (perhaps out of habit), I lacked the function of detecting an unclean surface, if, for example, something is broken somewhere, then the vacuum cleaner would pay more attention to the place. ..

    I didn't have another MI robot, so I don't know if the cheaper price category would do the same, but it's nice to keep the house. I have a child every year, so I appreciate it, even though it has to be switched off for the last few weeks, because the little one keeps pushing him and he then loses the maps and we have a big enough house and I don't want to make maps again. So I would like a child insurance 😊😀

    If you have any questions specifically ask

  6. Benton writes:

    Hi MONI. Don't do anything about it. I have a cheaper xiaomi mop for it and it also hit me exactly under the closet and got stuck there and rubbed the top. Therefore, I then set forbidden walls in the application in similar places, so that it does not climb there.

  7. Tom writes:

    Can you advise if you think this one or the Dreame Bot L10 Pro is better, I can't decide

    1. Editorial writes:

      The functions are very similar, but the Dreame Bot L10 Pro is a vacuum cleaner directly intended for Europe, it should work better with the application and communicate better with the phone. We recommend taking Dreame.

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