Xiaomi Mijia the smart aquarium will automatically feed your fish
New Xiaomi products

Xiaomi presents its first own smart aquarium. It has a digital thermometer, built-in filtration and control via the app

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  1. Kamil writes:

    I am interested

    1. Editorial writes:

      You should read the whole article. The product is not yet available outside of China. As soon as it is, we will let you know.

  2. Radoslav writes:

    So, first of all, the dimensions you write are for a 32 liter aquarium. How often should the autonomous filter be cleaned? Me with my 40 years of aquarium experience with such a small water content and such a large number of fish at least once a week

    1. Editorial writes:

      We took the water volume data directly from the official Xiaomi website. There is a filter and other components in the aquarium that also take up space, and the clean water tank is 20L.

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