Xiaomi Mijia Smart Kettle 2 Pro is the best kettle from Xiaomi so far
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May Aliexpress coupon: Flagship model of the Xiaomi kettle Mijia Smart Kettle 2 Pro has a display and a rotary control

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Too bad it's written in Chinese, not English, on the buttons.


Is it possible for Xiaomi? Mijia Smart Kettle 2 Pro to start boiling water remotely via the app? Because Mi Smart Kettle Pro, for example, doesn't have that feature.

Are there any major differences between these 2 models?


Should be possible, but we cannot confirm.


Too bad it's not transparent.

Peter Pan

It rather bothers me that they didn't put at least basic English there if nothing else.. I don't feel like constantly solving and solving Chinese rice.. sick.. unusable in the EU.. nonsense that I keep using a translator.. through the photo where we are... lol bud global version also with our language support and it will come to us or something like this sorry..

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