Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot G1 is the cheapest vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi
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Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot G1 as the cheapest robotic vacuum cleaner from the manufacturer for only 119 € in Polish stock

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  1. ivan writes:

    Hello, it pays to take this Chinese version, or wait for a global counselor? - whether there is a problem in the app and there will be no Chinese or some similar problems. is something better up to 180e? is there a big difference compared to 1 C? well thank you

    1. Editorial writes:

      Model 1C has a higher suction power of 2500 pa and it is also sold in a global version. We also have a coupon https://xiaomiplanet.sk/xiaomi-mijia-sweeping-robot-1c-v-predaji-12/

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