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Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro for a record 347 €! 11″ 2.5K display, 8 speakers and powerful Snapdragon 870

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When it comes to the global market with global MIUI with Google applications, then I'm definitely buying, it looks great. Lsn pity it's an LCD and not an OLED display.


Google Apps can also be fully installed in the Chinese version. But yes, a global or at least translated MIUI would certainly be more appropriate. We will see, according to previous leaks, it should also come to the global market.


firstly, the global version, I do not want Chinese and English - since I heard that miuios cz portal rom will not do for these tablets and does not even plan and what is another big disappointment from the base of my pad 5 I see well that it does not even have GPS? what de fack? are you kidding don't you have a mistake there? (since you took it from gsmarena probably and there are errors often in the description .. it kind of doesn't seem to me kks as it is one of the basic things in the tablet .. fatal error the tablet would be de facto unusable, since it is often used for tracing and mapping not only in the car but also outside .. madness like this they could not put on the tablet .. chore .. and especially totally incomprehensible fail!


I don't know where you got that we take the info from Gsmarena, we took the table parameters directly from the official Xiaomi website and no, the Mi Pad 5 classic doesn't have GPS. Don't be so upset about it, you won't buy it anyway. 😛


Well thank you! I needed to buy a new tablet as I can't see it well without glasses (I'm getting old), so the river has something with a bigger display and the new Mi Fold is somehow for sale. According to the specifications, I ordered a Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 10 with almost identical parameters, only Lenova managed to release the product sooner. Fortunately, they could not send the ordered product from Banggood even after a month, in the meantime Xiaomi Pad 2021m was sent out, which I prefer, as I am Xiaomi positive, I like MIU, I like how I can have all the devices on one Mi account, Mi Pad 5 was a clear choice. I planned to buy Mi Pad 5 from Gizmtop (at that time it was only on sale there), only while Banggod via PayPal refunded the amount, so this article appeared with a voucher and a recommendation for tradingshenzhen… so I'm going to buy from tradingshenzhen, especially if you confirm that have duty free Global Priority delivery. Thank you, this article was absolutely perfect right now!


Hi, in the EU market there will be no keyboard and pen in the package in the package? Which stores will offer tablets in Slovakia?


This is not yet known but will probably not be in the package, it is an optional accessory. Availability is also unknown, you have to wait for the show.


Hi, can't you advise what about sw updates in the future with the CN version? Well thank you.


Hello, CN versions receive the updates first, we have already received one update right after unpacking the tablet. We would not be afraid of SW support.


if the exact information that any event for the European market is to be 15.09.2021. Or are they just speculation and have any predictions about the price difference? It's a wonder how it comes with us, it's going to be pre-arranged in a year!

Thank you very much!


Hello, yes it is already confirmed that the Xiaomi Pad 5 Global version will be released on September 15th. The price should be 399 EUR for the EU market.


Hi, what's the difference when I buy the Chinese version with google installed versus the global version?
Because for me, the only option for the Pro version is whether it makes sense to wait for Global, if at all.


Hi, The Pro model in the Global version probably won't. The Chinese version only has English, if you don't mind, you won't feel any other difference. TradingShenzhen will install Google applications on your tablet and the tablet works best with us. We ourselves have a Chinese version of the Pro model and Netflix also goes there, although only at 480p resolution, but otherwise everything works without problems.


I wonder where the Pad 5 Pro has 8 speakers 😀 🙂 ?