Xiaomi Mi Router AX1800: One of the cheapest WiFi 6 routers (COUPON)
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5-core Xiaomi Mi Router AX1800 with 360 ° antennas and WiFi 6 with a new coupon from the Czech warehouse

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  1. Janci writes:

    Would you then be able to help get these kids routers involved in the Mesh fund? Is it part of the instructions? I would be interested in something similar in the future. Well thank you.

  2. Martin writes:

    I would like to ask which router is more convenient for home use

    I would like to ask which router is more convenient for home use: Xiaomi Mi Router AX1800 or Xiaomi Mi Router AC1200?

  3. Miro writes:

    Both routers have a manual only in Czech, so if you did not study Chinese at school, you have such a problem. Although according to a review on youtube it's intuitive, they could still install at least English into the global version.

  4. Theterror. writes:

    please are there any difference between the Slovak version:
    And the above router?
    Is that white disgust to the EU and this to Asia?
    Otherwise, no difference?
    The menu is there in Cinstin, so I need to switch the region to Xiaomi Home?
    Thanks in advance for the answers.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, the Chinese version of the AX1800 looks completely different, as you can see in the photos in our article. The admin environment of the Chinese version of the router is in Chinese, but via the Mi WiFi application, the router can also be set up in English. Once connected to the Internet with the router, using the Chrome browser, the Chinese admin environment can be translated into English (via Google Translate) and the settings can be made without any problems.

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