Global Xiaomi Pad 6 on sale: We have great coupons
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8 + 256 GB version is now worth the most: Global Xiaomi Pad 6 with 11″ display, coupon prices also for original accessories

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Tomáš Doležel

Just for info. Aliexpress does not deal with and does not pay Customs Duty, which is charged for shipments over EUR 150. The customs office usually lets more expensive shipments go because Aliexpress declares a lower price of the goods than EUR 150 (which is a fraud against the state). Recently, the customs office detained 2 shipments. Both over 150 EUR. For both, the seller declared a lower price than EUR 150 at customs. At first sale/declared (155/148 EUR). In order for it to pass, the seller divided it into two shipments. Consequence for me. In view of the fact that Aliexpress did not declare IOSS (from which the customs can read that the VAT was paid and from what amount), so the customs requires me. 2x 350 for customs procedures (split into two shipments), 2x postage from customs (cash on delivery), payment of VAT on the entire amount (missing IOSS), payment of CLA. In total, it makes approx. 80 EUR for an order for 155 EUR. Second shipment selling/declared price (516/ 25 EUR). Exactly the same consequence.
For me, the customs office started dealing with shipments again due to false customs data.


She did not start, this is how it works from 2021. Ali collects VAT up to the amount of 150 goods €, that is correct.


Special treatment of the IOSS tax – value of goods not exceeding 150 euros

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Tomáš Doležel

I am following up on the previous post... If you received a shipment from China over EUR 150 and it was not considered a customs clearance for you, then Aliexpress declared false information to the customs regarding customs. In order for this not to be detectable by customs from the documents, Aliexpress does not include IOSS in the declaration. The consequence for you is that Customs will want to pay not only CLO, but also again VAT from the sales amount (in which VAT is already included).


You can easily prove that you have paid VAT on Aliexpress. The VAT item is displayed directly in the order, or you just need to download the invoice from the order, it is also stated there. The invoice also shows their VAT number under which they are registered in Europe for VAT payment.


Maybe a little warning. The 8GB/128GB version should not exist at all, and the seller "mi_fans_store" apparently has a mistake in the description and pictures. There are only 6GB/128GB or 8GB/256GB to choose from.


Why shouldn't it exist? 🙂 It normally exists. Just look at the official. Xiaomi global site


Hmm. Interesting. When I was comparing prices, I quickly went through Slovak sellers and then AliExpress. I didn't come across 8+128 anywhere :D. Only now I see that, for example, TradingShenzhen has (had) on offer. Feel free to delete the comment :).


TSZ has only Chinese versions, we have global in the article. And global is also made in 8+128 GB, apparently it is intended only for selected markets, but the Chinese sell it to the whole EU.