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Xiaomi Power Bank Pocket Edition Pro is the fastest smallest power bank on the market

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  1. Pythro de writes:

    this is not remorse for this portal or any other telephoto portal
    but trying to state the capacity or energy content of the battery in units of Ah or mAh (or in general as sucin current and time bars and mAs) IS ABSOLUTELY CHORE!

    Ah is defacto coulomb, ie how many el. charge (1C is about 6,24 × 10 ^ 18, ie more than 6 trillion elementary charges)

    about the energy content it starts to say something only when we start to tie with the voltage at which those charges pass, because Ah * V = Wh and from watt-hour is the hardened unit of energy, specifically Wh is 3600 J (joules)

    When stating the energy content of e-car batteries, they thankfully understood, because there is no standardized voltage of the battery as a whole, it flies from 250V to 1000V, so the energy content in Wh is the only option, so we have e.g. e-car with 62 kWh battery

    it would be chore to think that a small 30 mAh (000 Ah) power bank has 30% of the energy stored in a 60-kilo 15 Ah car battery…

    just when things are different, things are different

    this smartphone vs. power bank (it doesn't matter whether mAh and Ah we mean at nominal 3,6V voltage of telephone batteries or at standardized primary 5V voltage of USB port)
    3,6 / 5 is 0,72% and since there is no 100% efficiency in this universe, something is lost in the conversion of currents / voltages, so we are somewhere at a coefficient of 0,60-0,65

    therefore, such a 10000 mAh power bank defacto corresponds to approx. 6000-6500 mAh of telephone battery
    detto 30000 mAh powerbank corresponds to about 18000-19000 mAh capacity of the telephone battery

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