Xiaomi Geometry intelligent aquarium with Wi-Fi connection in CZ warehouse
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Now also in the CZ warehouse: the Xiaomi Geometry smart aquarium has a Wi-Fi feeder and a sophisticated lighting system

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  1. Matthew writes:

    I want it for my daughter it looks great.

  2. Michal writes:

    Aquarium in this volume is not suitable for fish farming. Not enough for a single warrior.

  3. zu writes:

    I agree with Michal.. the color of the light, power supply via a power bank and a dosing device working via the application are not parameters for a fully functional aquarium... and even a double filter system with these dimensions of the aquarium will not prevent the algae that will trap the "reservoir" cell within 2 weeks
    4-6 fish with a size of 3-4 cm cannot be kept in the given aquarium... but a couple of shrimps, mosses, and anubias could handle it, provided manual cleaning is done once a week

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