Xiaomi Mijia Smart Doorbell 2 is the second generation Xiaomi smart doorbell with FullHD camera and human detection - Xiaomi Planet
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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Doorbell 2 is a second generation Xiaomi smart doorbell with FullHD camera and human detection

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I ordered this bell just after reading this article.
The bell came all right. I managed to pair it in the MI home app and via the Chinese server, I can't change the ringtone, the live camera will only turn on for about 3 seconds and I have no possibility of additional settings.


This is exactly how it works for me… Especially since I'm graduating here and at the same time it's a complete smirk


That certainly applies to me as well. Although the first time after ringing, it recorded 3 seconds of recording and after about five minutes it froze in the application, but after the smartphone "leaves" the wifi, no recording is sent. At most, a notification that someone rang (even with a significant delay).


I'm disappointed, I can't find the bell in the Xiaomi Home application. So it's just an expensive replacement for an ordinary bell. I do not understand the promotion here, without verifying the functionality of the device. I hope that it will start somehow and it will start working in Slovakia as well.


Hello, you need to set the Mainland China region in the app or download the modified Mi Home by Vevs application.


I have a Chinese region set up, but it still doesn't work. It only works like a wireless doorbell. Catastrophe.


Try the modified Mi Home by Vevs application, Chinese products also work there when setting up the SK region.


You still mention some modified xiaomi Home by Vevs application here, but I have already tried several versions of this application and the bell still works only as an ordinary bell without a camera. If you'd rather test the bell yourself and advise people, instead of constantly referring them to try some customized application that doesn't work at all. I am extremely dissatisfied.


I have the same experience with a similar one Mijia Luke CatY Video Doorbell. Despite the reliable internet. the connection only works partially and with a long delay. Wasted money. Function declarations are only a pious wish of the manufacturer.


Unfortunately, I didn't notice the comments before I ordered the product, it's a Chinese scumbag that doesn't even work as a bell, not even as a smart camera… The article is misleading and the only thing that is true in the article is that it's a flashlight bell that's about it to buy the value of this product is somewhere around 5eur