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New July coupon: Xiaomi Router BE3600 is one of the cheapest WiFi 7 routers on the market

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Nice wifi router, but if I want a proper router, then mikrotik, and for wifi I would probably use ubiquti AP.

+ The wifi speed of 3,57 gbps, I don't know if it was split in half, since we have both download and upload, but wifi is enough even nowadays, I think that many people don't even use more than Gigabit these days.


That's some Chinese wifi7 🙂 it's far from the standard, where is the 6GHz network? But it's probably the 7dma version, that's why wifi 7 😀


Hello, will the Xiaomi Router BE3600 router work for me for fast internet 900/900 I[Mbps] (down/upload). Or do I have to have the Xiaomi Router BE3600 Gigabit Edition? Thank you for the advice.


Hello, the router has a theoretical maximum of 3570 Mbps, it should work.