Xiaomi Simpleway soap dispenser is now available in a Polish warehouse
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Xiaomi Simpleway automatic soap dispenser received a new coupon in a Polish warehouse. It costs only 15 €

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  1. Milan writes:

    It always makes me happy when I buy something for a great price and then in a few days it is lower. I took this for 20e, but it's great 🙂
    One thing I noticed, it won't be easy to add it again, the manufacturer came up with it for customers to buy refills from them.

  2. Jozef writes:

    Similar to Milan… With Xiamo, this can be solved by "prying out" the cartridge cap. For me, added 5 times so far. But it's probably a matter of time before it falls apart. That's why I chose Baseus in the second round. It has a filling container with a screw cap.

  3. Juraj writes:

    And what is the difference compared to the normally available dettol dispenser, except for the price, where the dettol with the filling costs 8-10 €? Sometimes China is not always the cheapest 🤣😉

  4. Ján writes:

    The coupon has already expired. Don't have a current one?

    1. Editorial writes:

      We will try to equip a new one.

  5. Mako writes:

    Replenishment can be easily solved with a flat srobovak. Just gently pull out the cap

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