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The latest coupons with a price of only 32 € in EU warehouse: Global Xiaomi Smart Band 8 with Slovak and Czech languages, 2-year warranty

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Hello. I have a band 6 NFC. How is it on Tom 8 Global. Try to see if NFC works and supports payment in Slovakia as well. Thank you.


Hi, the Band 8 has not yet been released with NFC for the Global market. We'll have to wait, if at all... Even the Band 7 Global NFC was released about 3/4 of a year after the introduction of the original Band 7 Global.


Hello, with the code that you have listed DHGATENOV8 tells me that it can be used for more than 40 USD...


Hi, we will arrange with the Chinese to fix it and we will let you know when it works again.


I was going to order the Huawei watch thru DHGate as description show above, however I understand everything up until it says "But you also have to click through Chrome to access the mobile application, or you'll lose our customer support" translated from Swedish … What? How am I to connect to another application when I am ordering and paying etc on DHGate??? Also, which mobile application is it I am supposed to access? Please clarify!


Hello, do not buy on DHgate from random sellers. Only from links in our articles. They can scam you. We do not recommend to buy Huawei watch on DHgate.