Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3 is finally a smart doorbell for the global market
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The lowest price €67 in the EU warehouse! Smart doorbell for the global market Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3 with 2K camera

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Hello, is this doorbell also for outdoor use? What is the coverage and working temperature? Thank you.


Operating temperature -10°C to 45°C.
This is stated by the manufacturer. But we don't see water resistance there.


Hello, how is the power supply of the outdoor unit handled? I couldn't find it in the text. Thank you 🙂


Hello, pencil batteries.


Is it possible to connect to 2 smart phones in different countries? we are buying for a vacation property which is only used for 6 months out of the year. The rest is spent outside the country with a phone number from another country. Thanks!


Hello, yes you can share the device within 2 phones, you need to have Mi Home app in each phone and Xiaomi account in each phone. If you want to connect to the doorbell remotely, you can do so, just need to connect the bell to WiFi. Then you can access the bell from every corner of the world, if you have mobile data in your phone.


That coupon code is so weird, I don't want to apply the discount with it.


We accidentally copied the price into the coupon.. the correct coupon is this: DHSep8OFF. We apologize.


Thank you, it has already arrived... Zial, I can't finish this sentence anymore, that... and it is already installed. The doorbell is functional, but you will not get it in the Mi Home app if you have already created a profile with the Cinsky region. So I tried to add the Slovak region, when the device is supposed to be global, but I didn't succeed either. Even after manual addition, the application offered me to add a bell if I set the Singapore region. So that's probably enough for wasted money. Again, the article was confusing, thanks to which I have two unusable doorbells at home. If anyone is interested, I would like to sell.


Hello, since this is a global version of the doorbell, it will of course not work with the Chinese region. The strange thing is that it does not work under Slovakia. Haven't you tried Germany? Most smart devices work on the German region. Alternatively, try the modified Mi Home by vevs application, which combines devices from all regions into one, it is the so-called region-free version of Mi Home. https://chinaplanet.sk/upravena-aplikacia-xiaomi-home/


So THANK YOU and at the same time I apologize for my quick reaction. This procedure took. I somehow overlooked the existence of this application among your articles, and I read them daily. In the end, I used the modified one from Czech localizers, which is absolutely great, because I finally understand the more complicated settings of some devices. It's just their careful adding and setting that is terrible. Mainly the lock is problematic, because I will have to wait until everyone is at home, because otherwise I would pry them out. But in the end it will be the SK region, thanks to it also a faster response and normal time synchronization of devices and their free, problem-free addition. Thanks again for your help.


We're glad we helped. 🙂


Just bought the Xiaomi mi doorbell 3 GLOBAL VERSION and it doesn't work in Greece, Romania and Bulgaria. Me and my friends tested it and it didn't work in our countries. We hope that Xiaomi will fix this issue (Mi home app just doesn't connect the bell with our 2.4ghz wifi band). Please do an update when it will be available to any country outside of China! Thanks in advance!




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