Xiaomi Smartmi Standing Fan 2 / 2S is a smart fan with WiFi and app
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Sophisticated Xiaomi Mi Standing Fan 2 smart fan with a new coupon in the Czech warehouse

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  1. Michal writes:

    Good day

    what is the difference between this and fan 1C?

  2. HouseHub writes:

    A really great fan worth recommending. Before buying, I did not think that there could be such big differences between devices in this category. It is quiet, energy-saving, has a large range of operation and so I will mention the most important advantage again: it is v. quiet!

  3. Michal writes:

    Fix it - Made from a combination of aluminum and durable plastic abdominal muscles that will retain the color of the device for a very long time. 😀

    1. Editorial writes:

      For the Czech version of the website, we have an automatic translation from Google, so it sometimes translates such nonsense. Thank you, we will fix it. 🙂

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