Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro is a new 2.5K smart camera
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Lowest price ever with our exclusive coupon! Global Xiaomi Solar Outdoor Camera BW400 Pro: Incredible 2.5K Solar Security Camera

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would we need an outdoor solar camera for our apartment building, do you even know the approximate price and start of sales? So far, I have found something similar from anker eufa and it even has 4K, but the price is quite crazy... over 200 euros https://ip-kamery.heureka.sk/eufy-t81603w1/#prehlad/ I hope this xiaomi will be much cheaper.. it has weaker IP protection and also only 2K resolution, maybe the approx. 150 will fit, but we need exactly the same thing with a solar panel and a built-in connected power bank


We don't know how to write.


Well, hooray, this is a great price, I have to consult with the apartment manager and tell him.


It is not mentioned anywhere in the description, and it is not visible in the pictures, whether the solar panel can be tilted. We need to position the camera exactly towards the north, at an angle of about 40 degrees, so in the case of a fixed solar panel, the sun would never shine directly on the panel.


The camera has arrived, we are already testing it. The solar panel is fixed, it cannot be tilted in any way.


Good day. does the camera only record movements or does it also continuously record the entire recording? whole bottom? Well thank you


Hello, battery powered cameras never record continuously. So they always only record movement, it's to save battery.