Xiaomi Dual Interface U Disk: New USB 3.2 High Speed ​​Keys
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Low prices from €21! Xiaomi Dual Interface U Disk USB 3.2 key with a capacity of 64 and 128 GB

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  1. Thomas writes:

    Xiaomi keeps trying to get what Apple can't slowly… We all know that Xiaomi is trying to beat Apple…

  2. Michal writes:

    I would be interested in the writing speed

    1. Editorial writes:

      The manufacturer does not state this, we have ordered the USB anyway and it is already on the way, we will do a speed test as soon as it is delivered to us 🙂

  3. Michal writes:

    Hi, the write is poor, 40MB / s, I tried all the back ports on the USB3 and 3.1 board and also TYPE-C and also the USB3 front panel.
    I also have an older boy from xiaomi and it gives me to write in crystal 60-70 this 30-40MB / s it's poor. I do not recommend these.

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