Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro officially: 1,43" AMOLED, WearOS and eSIM support
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Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro LTE available on Maldo.sk: Finally a proper smart watch with WearOS and the new Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 chip

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Good day. When he has the opportunity to test them, I will ask him to try Google map navigation and the like in reality in the field to see if everything works. They should also have a barometer. And can they also recognize some sports on their own, e.g. rowing machine, air bike, etc. And of course nfc payments. They look great with a reasonable price, so I'm waiting for a nice review. Thank you


Good day - I have a few questions, as I am the owner of the previous version Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro. And it started working for me according to my ideas only after the recent update - spring 2023... That's why I'm impatiently looking at the new generation. So how does it look with LTE for Slovakia? It makes sense to wait for eSIM? I hope that the new WearOS will also support actual watch faces, because finding one that would suit me is quite difficult... 😉


We have no idea, that's a question for the operators, when and if they will support this watch for eSIM.


Yesterday in Orange, I was driven to the first Esim by Funfón. I'm testing the day and everything is working as it should.


So Orange, great, thanks for the info. The watch does not have official eSIM support for Slovakia, but it can obviously be activated with the operator, which is great to know. 👍👍


this is not the successor watch S1 pro, their successors were the watch S2 (which didn't even arrive to us) and the newest one is the watch S3, this is the successor to the flood xiaomi Mi watch, just for clarification 😉 so that there are no mistakes, S class of xiaomi watches no need to mix with Xiaomi Mi watch

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How do I measure blood pressure with this watch and record music to the watch, please tell me the exact procedure and if someone would be so kind as to send it to me at PetrH70@seznam.cz, thank you in advance for your answer Petr


This watch does not measure blood pressure. You record music via a PC in the classic way, connect the watch to the PC and copy the music to the watch's memory, just as you would to a phone. As it is a WearOS system, Spotify will also work.


I have a question, are you sure that they have full language support? I've had them for 2 weeks and I don't know the SK language. I can't figure out where the problem is. I received information that they do not support the SK language, which I think is stupid, since wear os is also in Slovak.


I have already purchased them (datart) in the eSim version, they are sufficient for my requirements and I am 95% satisfied.


Does eSIM work for you?




Which operator if we may ask? In SK, this watch was not supposed to work with eSIM, but if it works for you, then great 🙂


They drove my phone, there was no problem.