Xiaomi Watch S3 global version has both NFC payments and BT calls: COUPONS
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An exclusive coupon that you won't find anywhere else! Xiaomi Watch S3 Global has both NFC payments and Bluetooth calls

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do they use NFC payments with us? e.g. via the curve card (I have it at home) try to check it, thanks, because I need a watch mainly because of NFC payments.. as cheap as possible and this would be very useful, more than approx. 150, I don't want to pay for a watch
S1 active/S1 pro and the globane versions supported nfc payments, maybe I will have these as well.. S2 globally will never be released, if S3 globally really did not have nfc payments, it would be a terrible fail, I believe that the website is wrong and they just forgot to put it there.. a lot customers want to buy them precisely because of this feature

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For me, it took the SLSP card into the system, but when paying, it appeared on the terminals that the card is not supported.


Hallo, ich habe die globale Version der Xiaomi Watch S3 heute bekommen. Leider bekomme ich sie nicht mit der Mi Fitness App keupelt. Habe auch schon probiert, den Standort der App auf China zu stellen. Funktioniert auch nicht. Gibt's vielleicht einen Trick/Tipp?


Can I ask when do they allow it?


And any workaround to access the watch? 🤣


This just sucks tbh


Thank you 🙏


Do you guys know what is the charging time of this watch?


Xiaomi planning to release update for mi fitness app when? (approximately)


Deze date klopt nog steeds?


Can you pair it with Mi Fitness? Xiaomi added this smartwatch to the supported list in Mi Fitness. If yes, can you check NFC support? Can this device reply to messages, like sms, messenger, or WhatsApp).
Thank you in advance for your answer.

Peter Pan

seriously? that in the end Xiaomi Pay was there and worked? it would be a different story if the preliminary info estimates were wrong and in the end contactless payments would be there and work just like in the Chinese version! in any case, I will wait for your review, which will verify it, and if contactless payments are really confirmed (I already have a curve card at home), then I will definitely go for them, I mainly want a decent level of at least amazfit balance and contactless payments, those are my two conditions! under these conditions it will be a must buy..

Peter Pan

there are even the original replaceable dials with straps in the uppers and with glasses https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_DBZfqk5 plus cheaper plastic covers/covers depending on what color you want... there are no limits to fanaticism https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_DkRyR57

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The watch doesn't have mi home app does yours have it?


Hey its February 25th what version do I need to install and select what country to see my watch in the supported list?


I try to shop, but the coupon shelf does not appear, but it automatically gives me a 9% discount when I see the picture, and I can only see the shipping options that are on the picture. Can you advise me? Does Paypal work normally or do they have a surcharge?


So I managed to remove the flood coupon and give it away. Well thank you


Hello. The watch arrived 3 days ago, still satisfied. You can pay, even with 365 bank cards, phone calls via Bluetooth are surprisingly high-quality, the display is high-quality, maybe the alarm vibrates a little weakly, but they still managed to wake me up.

I don't know how to download recordings from the voice recorder and it still doesn't offer me all the songs when I want to copy the music directly to my watch


It does not support SLSP cards.


Since this model is officially available in the EU and the price difference is so small, it is better to buy in a normal store with 2-year. guarantee...


I assume that the pressure probably doesn't measure only the heart rate either, but it's a pity that few watches have it, that is, if we don't consider the expensive Samsung or Huawei

Peter Pan

For example, I have a cheap zeblaze ares 3 for z alika and they measure the pressure.. so it can't be such an expensive technology, as seriously branded xiaomi S3 don't have this? now I also have the cheap ones.. because I'm still thinking about buying an S3, but this would be quite a fail

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Its 10th March and I downloaded the mi fitness app still can't see s3 model in the options and it still says that the model is not supported when you try to scan it.


does it work?


If I bought the Chinese version, can I change it to the EU(Global) version?


why do I order when I give on gshopperwill the payment via paypal be charged a higher amount? almost 10 euros more, did paypal change the conditions? the payment amount was 99 euros and it was higher..

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Ah, good to know until recently it was free of charge, I paid for other things gshopperiav always took the same price for me

Marijan Piškorić

I don't understand how I get to the price of 94,5 euros for the xiaomi watch s3, I'm also interested in whether I still have to pay anything for shipping to Croatia (duty, tax)?

Peter Pan

there is a choice of free shipping / common transport and free shipping over $10, it doesn't matter which one I choose, both transports are free without extra charges?

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