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Powerful Xiaomi Yeelight 650 smart light with WiFi, app and RGB backlight has a new coupon in Europe

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  1. Tomas writes:

    Good, does RGB Under Lighting only offer yeelight 650? In the case of the smaller yeelight 450, this feature is not?
    well thank you

  2. vlado writes:

    good day, why the lamp yeelight 650, do not pay the discount coupon that is listed, after I enter the coupon tells me:

  3. Vladimir Ptacek writes:

    yesterday you deleted my comment where the price with coupon was 111e and the coupon did not work, today the price is 126e but the coupon still does not work!

  4. Michal writes:

    Hello, do you happen to know when this product will be available again? I hope it hasn't stopped production.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, the light has been unavailable for a long time, it looks like the sale is over. Currently, only smaller models with a diameter of up to 480 mm are available.

  5. Homeland writes:

    I have owned this lamp for a long time and I'm sorry I can't pair it with the Mi Home application. This model is not supported, only Yeelight luminaires with the ARVEN subgroup. My idea was that I wanted to connect this device via a smart home gateway together with a wireless motion sensor like night light.
    Well, it doesn't. They do it on purpose so that we can buy newer and newer products. I am extremely satisfied with the lamp and it works well with the yeelight application. The brightness is unbelievable, and when I don't dim the brightness in the evening, my retinas burned out in the morning. I just don't know how to use it to move. Can anyone advise?

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