Yeelight has a great practical induction light with a motion sensor
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Drop to the low 10s €, 13-day delivery: Yeelight Cabinet Light with motion sensor is suitable for both kitchen and wardrobe

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Hello, the shipping for the product is only Free 15-day delivery, I am missing the Aliexpress standard shipping, which I have tried it several times and it is without any additional fees

Is it the same with this transport? Well thank you.


Hello, for cheaper products, another variation of Aliexpress shipping is usually available, but in this case it does not matter, because it is a Choice product and it will be delivered to you directly by Aliexpress in a very similar way to Standard Shipping, so without customs fees and relatively quickly.


Thank you for the info. I ordered 3 pieces for testing (20cm silver)


I have had it for 2 months. Fully charged, it lasts for 2 days with normal use in the kitchen.


Excellent night light for the bathroom. The battery lasts for months on a single charge. I've had it for a long time

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