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The best price so far: The smart ear cleaner from the Xiaomi ecosystem includes a camera and has its own app

Xiaomi brings many non-traditional products through YouPin crowdfunding. These definitely include Bebird M9…

Dangdang Smart Microscope is a crazy product from Xiaomi Youpin: Smart Microscope with WiFi and App on Aliexpress Sale

Xiaomi, in cooperation with the Dangdang Raccoon brand, have brought an interesting product to their portfolio. It goes…

Luxury price only €28 in CZ warehouse! The professional Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+ screwdriver has up to 56 attachments

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi also sells its selected products through its partner brands. One such product is…

Aliexpress sales with a record price of €32! The Xiaomi water purifier also filters out chlorine directly on the faucet

Xiaomi has several non-traditional products in its portfolio, among which we can certainly include a cleaner...

Promotion price: Xiaomi Mijia lint remover removes hair, lint and other dirt from your clothes

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi sometimes surprises us with a truly unconventional gadget, which can also be used in your t

The Xiaomi Seemagic electric nail clipper from the YouPin platform is a great gadget. On Aliexpress at a bargain price

Are you worried about taking care of your nails? In that case, you might use an available gadget from...

The latest generation of Xiaomi smart thermometer Mijia Smart Temperature and Humidity Meter 3 at a special price on Aliexpress

I guess everyone uses a thermometer in the home. The company Xiaomi is also thinking about it, which under its own…

Xiaomi Linptech wireless doorbell with WiFi does not need a battery, it generates its own energy. Now for a record price of only €20!

We are gradually getting used to Xiaomi's wide portfolio of products. We are still making sure that we

This Xiaomi QingPing smart alarm clock is packed with features: It measures temperature, humidity, has an app and comes down to a low €16!

We have become accustomed to the fact that Xiaomi, in cooperation with other manufacturers, produces various smart products.

Famous gadget: Xiaomi MIJIA Portable Blender prepares tasty and healthy smoothie drinks

If you want to make healthy fruit smoothies or enjoy a delicious sweet milkshake, brand MIJIA...

For two bucks from the EU warehouse, this is a real gem: Yunmai Pro Smart Scale can measure up to 13 body parameters

Yunmai Pro Smart Scale is an accurate smart scale for every household. Thanks to our coupon she…

Price drop from €319 to incredible €218! Roborock H6 is the flagship among stick vacuum cleaners with an OLED display and a power of 26 pa

Roborock is a brand known mainly for its powerful and advanced robotic vacuum cleaners. Now, however, the manufacturer…




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