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Even lower price in CZ stock! Top Xiaomi Mijia The 4K Laser Projector will create a 150-inch 4K cinema in a global version

Earlier this year, the unstoppable Chinese tech giant introduced the successor to its laser projector, which was introduced in 2017. The Xiaomi Mi 4K Laser Projector is now gradually going on sale at very interesting discounts. Great price for the global version of Xiaomi Mijia...

Xiaomi Fengmi The 4K Laser Projector in the global version with 2100 ANSI lumens has a great coupon in CZ stock

Xiaomi along with the brand Fengmi Technology has launched the ForMovie 4K Cinema laser projector, which has been on sale since last year. It is a product from a crowdfunding campaign on the well-known e-commerce platform YouPin. Global version with Android TV system Xiaomi Fengmi...




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