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If you own a Xiaomi smartphone, you should definitely get to know MIUI Updater

The MIUI superstructure from Xiaomi has been with us for several long years and has undergone a huge number of changes since its official initial launch. Each generation brings with it the most up-to-date features and tweaks that we, as end users, bring in every day…

Xiaomi Health application in the latest version can measure skipping rope. He'll also show you the calories burned

Xiaomi Health mobile app is getting an update. With new features, there is also support for skipping or counting your calories burned. In addition, the calculation is realized by a very innovative and also interesting technology based on sound recording. Xiaomi Health… mobile app

AmoledPix is ​​a great wallpaper app for AMOLED smartphones that dramatically extends battery life

AMOLED displays are becoming more and more popular and widespread. Although until recently only real flagships had this technology, they now also appear in smartphones for € 150. There are several reasons for the popularity of AMOLED panels, but the main ones are alive,…

Quick settings in MIUI: A handy application will reveal the hidden features of your Xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi is also well known for its redesigned MIUI superstructure for its Android smartphones. It offers a really wide range of customizations, and is quite remote from the original Android system. Now comes the Play Store, a simple application that, as revealed by, will also offer…

Xiaomi is testing the new Mi Health app. Will it be a replacement for Mi Fit?

Many manufacturers of smartphones, smart watches or fitness bracelets have their own fitness applications, where it is possible to pair devices and monitor their activity. You will definitely know Mi Fit from Xiaomi and another application will be officially added to it soon. Mi Health in the developer…




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