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CELESTRON 175X 70mm astronomical telescope has a 175x zoom and costs only 72 € in Czech stock

Introducing the smaller CELESTRON 175X astronomical telescope with a focal length of 400 mm. It excels in good quality workmanship and you will also receive a bag with it. Now you can also buy it for a good price in the Czech warehouse. The Celestron brand has long been part of Xiaomi…

Xiaomi Celestron astronomical telescope with 70 mm objective after a long time again in CZ stock. We have a new coupon

At the beginning of November 2019, Xiaomi launched crowdfounding, a collection to support the project, the new magnificent Xiaomi Celestron SCTW-70 astronomical telescope. It has excellent observation features, excellent specifications, rich accessories and attractive price. Special coupon in CZ stock Astronomical telescope Xiaomi Celestron SCTW-70 is…




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