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Xiaomi 90Fun heated vest with a temperature of 55 ° C and a duration of 8 hours received a new lowest price so far

Xiaomi, in cooperation with its partner brands, does not start in the field of clothing either. Proof of this could be, for example, Sneakers 3 sneakers, a novelty in the form of a heated Uleemark 3.0 jacket, and now it comes with a heated vest at a great price. The vest brings in cooperation…

This is the cheapest heated jacket from Xiaomi. It reaches a temperature of up to 53 ° C and now has the best price

Some time ago, we brought you a few tips for smart heated jackets from the workshop of the Chinese brand Xiaomi. Now comes another, even cheaper heated jacket, on which the partner brand Urevo collaborated. The jacket is an ideal companion for cold autumn or winter weather. Great…




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